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Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have a question that’s not answered below.

Q. Can I bring my pet to the event?

A. Yes, you can bring your pet to the event. Please be responsible – dogs will need to be on leads and other animals will need to be in their containers. Remember, we want to keep you and your pet safe in order to ensure that everyone has fun.

Q. Can my dog take part in the dog show / agility events?

A. Yes, the Scrufts Dog Show is an amateur dog show with fun prize categories.

Q. Will there be any pets on sale?

A. No, there will not be any pets for sale at the event. Deciding to purchase a pet needs responsible and careful consideration. Impulse buys aren’t always in the best interest of the animals.

Q. Can someone look at my sick pet?

A. There will not be a facility for sick pets to be attended to. It is our recommendation that bring your sick pet to your own local vet. The DSCPA will have their mobile vet unit in attendance on the day and will be available to talk with you about your pet if you are concerned about anything.

Q. Is there a timetable of talks and demonstrations?

A. Yes – you can now check our schedule of events.

Q. What sort of Children’s Entertainment is planned?

A. There will be arts and crafts activities for children and we will be welcoming the the Customs Unit with their specially trained sniffer dogs and other organisations who will give short talks to the children about caring for their pets. There will also be a great informative talk on “Green Dog Walking”.

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